Enterprise Culture

Based on honesty:

A lasting enterprise is based on the credibility.
With sincerity to the people: it is the virtue of human, the foundation of business. We all insist on paying attention to credibility and keeping good faith to customers, colleagues. Money is valuable, but the credibility is higher.

Dare to innovate:

Innovation is the soul of a high tech company, the foundation of the enterprise to keep exuberant vitality, the key to obtain competitive advantage, remain in an impregnable position. Always learn and boldly innovate, is every employee's responsibility in Landwell.

Steady development:

The company’s sustainable and steady development is our unremitting pursuit, the continuous development and progress of employees is the company’s duty bound responsibility. Landwell is not only a product development company but also a human resources development company.

Pursuing high efficiency:

To do better every day. The road of pursuing high efficiency is long and wonderful, as long as all staffs in Landwell hand in hand together, work together and never stop, Landwell’s tomorrow will be more wonderful.