Product Superiority


Landwell was established in 1999, 16 years research and development.
Landwell has always been the pricing power enterprise in the domestic guard tour system industry.
Landwell was awarded as “guard tour national standard” enterprise.
Landwell has high authority in the field, one of the best choices in the guard patrol products, one of the most competitive enterprise over the world. As a high tech enterprise, Landwell has been dedicating in researching and developing mobile automatic recognition and data collection, providing all kinds of solutions for enterprise asset.


We have the first-rate tech and human resources. Customize the guar tour system for enterprises. Which are in accord with the international advanced technique standard. Landwell helps to lower the cost in development and security, takes an important role in increasing productivity for all enterprises. We can do the different project plans for enterprises in various period, according to customer’s requirements, we can assess the investment profit of projects as well.
We can integrate cloud patrol system, intelligent key management system, entrance guard system with the existing information management system. Or crate completely new systems for those who don’t have basic information system at all. We rely on the professional techniques and rich experiences to integrate software and hardware, and prevent the incompatible, unmatch problems for customers.
We spare no effort to research on guard tour products, keys, intelligent asset management and automatic recognition data collection technology. Seeking for the best solutions to meet customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s success accomplish us. It is the conception that we believe in managing, it is the foundation that we grow and develop.


Landwell’s main business solutions.
Community Property guard tour system management solution.
Petroleum chemical intelligent management solution.
Public security, police guard patrol, keys and equipments management solution.
Power plant patrol, keys intelligent management solution.
Electric power equipment, keys intelligent management solution.
Subway, train equipment, keys intelligent management solution.
Fixed and mobile assets management solution.
Military equipment patrol, keys intelligent management solution.
LandWell electron technology produces guard tour system , intelligent patrol ,intelligent key system, veins entrance guard system, intelligent against burglars system etc. the products with most advanced tech are widely exported to The States, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Poland, Korea etc, over 50 countries and regions around the world.

Stable and reliable quality are the foundation of enterprise
1.Durable and robust, landwell products passed falling test for 10 time at 2meters height. They are designed to be used for over 15 years(customers feedback shows over 10years).
2.Super waterproof, landwell waterproof models can be used under water.
3.Resistance to corrosion, contact models guard tour system and checkpoints resist to strong acid.
4.Anti-interference, with a special circuit design, the interferences from metal objects and magnetic field are solved.
5.Battery life, landwell guard tour system were designed with low consumption to save power, take 9000P as an example, read 200 times a day, it can continuously work for around 3 years.
6.Software,software management is divided into ordinary model and advanced model, it comes with B/S,C/S online edition. English, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese etc multilingual, or to be customized.