What is I-key box?--------Intelligent cabinet

Lost the key?
Where is the key?
Who took the key?
Key keeper is not around?
Who is using the company vehicle?
Where to put small company items?
What time do the workers get to the site?
Key management is usually a troublesomeproblem, a big issue!
How does key management plays a significantrole to your property! key management for enterprise, is either in the hands ofa key management people or in a simple key box. Taking and returning keyprocess might cause chaos, situations like the keys keeper is out of duty,transferred or in case of other reasons, can’t find the key when such incidentsoccur. There is nothing you can do about it, places have a organization maybehave a notebook for you to follow, but isn’t it too complicated? Don’t youexpect a better solution?

i-Keybox provide comprehensive and advancedintelligent key management solution.
LANDWELL launched the "i-Keybox keyintelligent management system" with its advanced technology, , flexibleand powerful RFID radio frequency technology to acquire keys, provides a intelligentmanagement solution. Approved by the customers in the field, it has been widelyrecognized, and widely used in the world.

Why manage keys?
Can’t find the key! More keys, more messy!Key management person is not! Key management is important how to do! .........Key management is a big problem!
i-Keybox Rand intelligent key managementsystem allows you complete control over who can pick up the keys, and keys totrack and record the use of the situation. Vehicles, buildings, facilities,goods, and other public property by i-Keybox LANDWELL intelligent keymanagement system can be smart, clear, objective and efficient intelligentcontrol up, reducing the person issuing key management, improve work efficiencywhile greatly reducing management costs. With a few clicks you can get the comprehensiveand accurate usage information about the keys!

Traditional key management methods:
The traditional pair of keys to manageusually depend on one person, she / he will be in charge of managing theregistered keys, hanging tags, metal cargo containers into yard or directlylinked to the simple key management cabinet. When someone comes to pick up thekeys, the user's signatures need to be recorded. (Does not recognize theillegal removal of keys). Management in some places with poor safety awareness,such as keys on the table, pocket or are locked in a drawer, which are dailyproperty management has brought a lot of problems, especially importantfacilities, equipment confidential documents, use and management of vehiclescreate default control, cause serious incalculable consequences!

What it does:

i-Keybox LANDWELL intelligent keymanagement system helps you manage your keys.
i-Keybox LANDWELL intelligent keymanagement system provides the most comprehensive set of key managementsolutions. First, put the often use keys with the i-Keybox suppositorycontaining the smart key RFID radio frequency electronic chip through tamperseal secured locked in place smart key intelligent key cabinets, onlyauthorized users can use.
No longer afraid of losing key, all keysusage at one glance.
Taking and returning keys can be done bythe users, can also be accessed without going through the complicated process, holidays,meetings, meals, and other variable factors will no longer affect the use.

More keys make the management harder.
Used to take custody of the keys more andmore, the key management is prone to mismanagement, it is easy to confuse thename of the key, the key also often take key does not correspond to the door.The i-Keybox Rand intelligent key management system is the key, the more themore they can play his management advantages, not the employer from the brain,notes, attendance and other statistical methods.

Avoid the situation of losing keys.
i-Keybox Rand Intelligent key managementsystems through the implementation of key bindings unique ID, to ensureuniqueness, a key phenomenon is litter everywhere and manage key security sealsto be effectively controlled, even then accidental key loss It can also trackdown the first time to give effective protection when the next time you use thekey.

It should be the time of using a keyintelligent management!
Access control systems can function as partof access control systems, access control systems as a supplement, can’t berealized due to be replaced with the access and very important key management.Access control systems Access Reader compatible device as the identificationkey management systems, and you can share staff card.

Key management is mainly for important toolfor people accustomed to lock as security guard in technology continuousdevelopment and progress, although constantly through improved lock tostrengthen its firmness, or now for the important places access control systemdevices have been installed to replace the original strengthen the managementof personnel in and out of the door lock, but there are still non-door accesschannel can’t be replaced. To avoid the use of the mechanical key target is notclear, is not strict control, record and confusion is easy to lose trackwithout basis, so that the key is not related to personnel, missing or improperuse and other reasons, resulting in unnecessary losses. In order to avoid theoccurrence of these safety problems, to identify the use of intelligent ways touse the mechanical key personnel, use of a key judgment, use of a key timecontrol and automatically record each person and each of the mechanical keyusage, in order to achieve the required use of a key, and the illegal statuscan also be made based on evidence.

Only authorized users can get the key.
Tracking key usage is not in use to viewkey information through the attendance book, you can easily print out the keyusage reports.
Keys can be authorized through mobilephones, iPad and other Internet tools remotely.
Without user management and supervision,the key can be extracted at any time.
Reduce risk and strengthen the implementation.Without permission or not eligible person can’t touch the company's property.
High efficiency, reduce production costsbecause we can quickly find who has the keys.
The key is lost, and to facilitate timelysearch.
Inquire the keys status remotely.
Reduce the damage with the increasingmanagement force.