Our Advantage

The German Red Dot Designer personally designed our new intelligent key cabinet and gave it a new appearance and structure design. We hope that through our continuous innovation of AI technology and industrial design, we could create high-quality AI intelligent key cabinets that are more in line with modern work and life needs for customers! Our intelligent key cabinets are more suitable for daily office use of small and medium enterprises.

Convenience and Safety

Well designed and practical

Personalized color matching attracts your eyes at first sight!

A variety of theme colors can be switched at will, perfect integration of various styles

More convenient methods to access, Password, Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RFID card

Smart remote key retrieval

If you are inconvenient, operation on your mobile phone is possible, remotely keys retrieval and assigned others to retrieve the keys for you.

Transparent data management

Open the interface and all the keys'records will be in your hand

Email function helps you to send a reminder at anytime

Only three steps, let Keylongest work for you