Key Management System

Are you still bothered with key management problem? Usually people records rough details of keys taken and returned on a log book by hand and confirmed by an illegible signature. It is inefficient, unreliable and makes tracing keys like almost impossible task. Landwell intelligent key management system makes your keys management more efficient, reliable and traceable. It ensures that only authorized staff are allowed to be access to the key cabinet to take the designated keys during the certain time . It provides a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken and when it was returned which keeping your staff accountable at all times.

K Series

K Series is a new fashionable, cloud-based, and modularized key management system.

It holds 26 keys maximum and 5 keys as a modular group which is easy to change. Keys can be assigned via web operation. Keys can be access via face recognition, biometric fingerprint, password and RFID card.

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H Series

H Series is our latest mini stand-alone key management system.

Mini-design and plug-and-play features are more suitable for home, office, apartment complexes, property companies, rental management companies, car lots, shops, and many more.

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C Series

C Series is mainly for industry fields. The smallest one is with 4 keys, the biggest one could hold 200 keys maximum. It's expendalbe, then they could be controled via Lan by one software.

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